Home Solar Power

My Thoughts on Solar power after some hands on work. The easy way out!! Pay to have solar panels fitted to your roof.. or you can do it yourself, buy your panels one at a time and build your system up as your budget allows, but you then need to mount them, run cable, regulate the power so as not to overload the system.. and so the list goes. Sometimes, the easy way dose not work.. eg. renting.. What you need to think about when going Solar.. The cost over saving… Yes, with a solar system your power bill will be cut!! but are you saving?? Lets play with some numbers… You pay $5000 for a 2kw system to be fitted.. This cuts $200 of each power bill. You get a power bill 4 times a year, so that is a saving of $1000 off your power bill a year, you payed out $5000, so in 5 years you will have broken even!! Now you start saving! Now was 2kw the right size solar system to get?? A few things to think about as you work out the size you want.. First, that 2kw is only on a sunny day for as long as the sun is beating down right on your panels at just the right angle.. The 2kw rating is just that a rating… the max you could get from the solar panels when all the conditions are just right, the sun, the angle.. But have you even known anything to run at 100% all the time?? Yes you may get 2kw on a warm summer day, but for how long, a few min’s in the middle of the day?? What about those cold winter days??? Your not going to get much… So when you look at size, look at how much you want to save on a cold winter day?? you may need a 5wk solar system just to get 1kw!! Remember also that the days are shorter!! and the solar panels only work under direct sunlight!! even shade will stop them, or at least cut back on there output… Question, what time of day dose a home use more power?? Are you home in the day?? Are people turning lights on and off at night?? but there is no sunlight!! Now you are thinking a 5kw system is going to be more then I need in the summer, that is true, but all that extra power is going back into the grid and turning your power meter backwards….