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Hear those old forgotten songs again.

Where posible the recording are taken from the old record's... This Means you will not get that New CD sound.. Recording has come a long way since the early 1950's.
Hear 50s rock n roll, 60s rock n roll, & 70s rock n roll, Oz Rock, Australian Artists.

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1960's Australian

Tune in here to hear those forgotten songs from the 1960's by Australian Artists.
Some you will know, some you will have forgotten, you may even hear a few you do not know!! But there all Australian (& New Zeland) Artists.

If you enjoy the music let me know, make a request, where posible I'll play them.. Check back here for updates and news on what gets played when...
Right now I have just uploaded a mix of Australian 1960's music... Enjoy!!

1960's & 1970's Music.

5am - 10am -- A mix a music from the 60's & 70's
10am - 11am -- Artists Better know for there Screen or TV.
11am - 2pm --- A mix of 60's & 70's
2pm - 3pm -- Answer Songs. Songs with a link to a Top 40 Song.
3pm - 5am -- A mix of 60's & 70's.

Screen & TV.:-
Hear songs recorded by Stars of the Screen & TV, such as Abigail, Barbara Eden, David Soul, Debbie Reynolds, Hayley Mills, Ian Turpie, Lorne Green, Patty Duke, Sandra Gould, Telly Savalas, are some you will hear...
Enjoy, let me know what you think... I will update the play lists over time.. If you have a request email me at, radioballarat01@iinet.net.au

Answer Songs.:-
In the 60's the trend was to cash in on a Hit Song.. With the answer to a question asked in a song, or even just to take the tune and add new words.. eg. "King Of The Road" became "Queen Of The House". There where lots of "Answer Songs" not all were of Top 40 quality, but it is fun to hear how someone can respond to the Top 40 Songs..
Enjoy them, see how many of the Top 40 Hits you can name or even remember...
email me for a request at radioballarat01@iinet.net.au